Belt and Road “Study Go China” Platform

In order to consolidate the cooperation between China and the countries along the “Belt and Road” (B&R) route, and fully integrate the Cultural and Educational Comprehensive Resources, the various academic and government, universities, high schools and other institutions from Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Japan, Cambodia, Indonesia jointly initiated the establishment and set up the Culture and Education Executive Agency in various countries to promote the development of international cultural and educational cooperation between the “Belt and Road" countries and China.  

  1. Purpose of Establishment

It aims to promote the cultural and educational cooperation between Asia countries and China under the framework of the Belt and Road Initiative. It provide an international culture and education cooperation platform, promote high-quality education resources exchange, and form new advantages and prospects for the international cooperation.

  1. Develop cultural exchanges between Asia countries and China, and promote cultureand education cooperation among countries along the Belt and Road.  Practicing the policy of international culture and education, leading high-quality cultural and educationalresources to "Go Out". Through the international exhibitions and educational exchange, universities exchange to enhance mutual understanding, multiple interaction, with both "Go Out" and "Invite in".
  2. Developa series of "Belt and Road" international conferences, exhibitions and comprehensive cultural exchange activities, promote successful cases of the “Belt and Road” teaching and research cooperation, and explore new models and new projects of "Belt and Road International Education and Scientific Research" cooperation.
  • Create “Belt and Road”cultural and educational cooperation for offline and offline platforms. At the same time, use the network and new media, through plentiful of communication tools and methods to cooperate with traditional media such as television, newspapers, and street signs towards the overseas and universities, high school, and cultural and educational institutions promote, and to solve the problem of high cost and difficulty in landing.
  1. Executive Way

To write a new chapter in cooperation between countries along the Belt and Road, fully integrate International Education and Scientific Research Resources.

  1. Jointly initiate the establishment withthe Belt and Road Cultural and Education Cooperation Fund with the governments, cultural and educational institutions, and enterprises of countries along the route to encourage students from various countries to come to study and exchange overseas.
  2. Establish the overseasBelt and Road International Talent Academy, providing high-quality Chinese courses and Counseling Study Abroad Course for overseas students to go to high-quality universities in China, and open a wide range of cultural experience courses and exchange programs to carry out multi-level landing promotion in various Asia countries.  .
  • Cooperate with governments,and cultural and educational institutions of various countries to organize large-scale International Educational Scientific Research cooperation conferences and cultural exchange activities to promote the further implementation of cultural and educational cooperation under the framework of the Belt and Road Initiative in Asia countries, and to enhance the depth and quality of the WhatsApp Image 2021 01 05 at 14.14.46 copyWhatsApp Image 2021 01 05 at 14.14.45WhatsApp Image 2021 01 05 at 14.14.46WhatsApp Image 2021 01 05 at 14.14.46 copy